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Injury Insurance Designed for Ski and Snowboard Instructors

How It Works

Spot provides injury insurance to cover you while you're skiing or snowboarding–whether you're professionally instructing or not. Spot has no deductible and works with or without health insurance. For injuries big and small, Spot’s got your back.

Get Spot

For just a one time payment of $50, you can purchase Spot for the 20/21 season. If you get injured in an accident while skiing or snowboarding, whether you're on the job or off, your Spot policy can reimburse you for your medical bills.

Get Hurt

If you get hurt, seek treatment with any licensed physician convenient to you. Your Spot policy reimburses you for doctor-recommended medical costs up to $20,000—each time you are accidentally injured.

Get Paid

Submit your claim through the Spot website. You'll be assigned a claims representative that will be dedicated to your case and work to get you reimbursed as quickly as possible.

Purchase Spot Now for $50

Get injury insurance for the 20/21 ski season.

Coverage is for PSIA-AASI Level 1 (or greater), certified members of Professional Ski Instructors of America & American Association of Snowboard Instructors, participating in ski and snowboard related activities in the U.S. through July 1, 2021.

Coverage is underwritten and claims are serviced by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. Professional Ski Instructors of America & American Association of Snowboard Instructors is the policyholder for accident insurance that covers certified members. Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy.

Note that pre-existing conditions or overuse injuries (wear and tear) are not covered, review our list of exclusions here.

Personal Details


Spot policy through July 1, 2021


Accidental Medical Expense Coverage $20,000

Accidental Death & Dismemberment $5,000

*Price includes admin fees.



One time payment for coverage through July 1, 2021.

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Spot's FAQs

What medical costs are covered under Spot?

Spot's plan covers costs from your doctor-recommended treatment plan up to $20,000 for any covered physical injury as long as its carried out by a licensed physician. Your treatment plan could include diagnostic scans, hospital stays, ER visits, surgeries, and emergency transportation. Basically, anything your licensed physician recommends that you need to recover from your accident. Unfortunately, your spiritual healer’s plan is on you.

Is Spot health insurance?

No, Spot is not health insurance. Spot's plan provides coverage for reimbursement of medical bills incurred for injuries stemming from accidents. As much as we’d like to help you with your stomach flu (drink plenty of fluids!), that's just not our thing. General illness, pre-existing conditions, and chronic sickness are not included in your policy coverage. When you go to the doctor for treatment, use your health insurance (if you have it) and settle your bill. Then, file a claim with Spot by providing us with pertinent information (like documentation from the doctor) and we’ll get to work on reimbursing you.

How does the $20,000 coverage amount work?

Each accident you have is eligible for reimbursement up to $20,000. This means if you need stitches and an MRI after a ski accident one day, you’re covered for up to $20,000 for that. If you fall off a chairlift the next week, you’re covered for up to $20,000 for that as well. We really hope that never happens to you but we’ve got your back regardless, even if it’s broken.

Am I only covered when I am professionally instructing at my resort?

No, you're covered whenever skiing or snowboarding (backcountry included!) anywhere in the U.S. whether you are professionally instructing or not.